Warning over new flexi-time rights: Employers talk of resentment among staff

Warning over new flexi-time rights: Employers talk of resentment among staff
The new right is expected to lead to a huge shift in employment practices in firms where flexible working is not yet allowed. It allows workers to demand part time hours, compressed hours, working from home or job sharing. Miss Swinson, who has just …
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Can a 4-year-old learn from online preschool?
Hurtado has her own bookkeeping business and her husband works full-time as a laser supply stock clerk. “Financially we couldn't afford it,” Hurtado said of the nearby preschool options. And there was another reason: “I just feel she should stay home …
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Jama Jobs Launches Trusted Work from Home Online Resource
Huntington Beach, CA — (SBWIRE) — 07/09/2014 — Jama Jobs, a website that connects consumers with thousands of work from home jobs, is pleased to announce the launch of their new online resource to help people earn a full-time income working at …
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Who Makes the Most Money From Housing: Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, or Bank of

Who Makes the Most Money From Housing: Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, or Bank of
Banks and housing go hand in hand. For the vast majority of homeowners, the purchase of a home goes hand in hand with taking out a mortgage. As such, the housing business is a big money maker in the banking industry, especially so at some of the …
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10 ways how Shah Rukh Khan makes money
… is also a co-owner of an IPL cricket team. He is sharp, intelligent and has an excellent business sense. Be it movies or endorsements or business venture, whatever SRK touches becomes gold. Let us go through ways which has helped SRK make money.
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The Rise of the Bankster Landlord
Renting out your first or second home is great way to earn some extra money, help pay the mortgage, or even make a living once you retire and no longer take home a paycheck. But making a few extra bucks isn't why big banks and hedge funds are buying up …
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Ducks, Blues, Blackhawks Blast Out, Bumping NHL Ticket Sales on BuyAnySeat.com

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

The Ducks, Blues, and Blackhawks have shot to the top of NHL Hockey. With a virtual lock on their divisional races, these teams have similarly commanded ticket sales as well, said Marta Ault at online marketplace BuyAnySeat.com.

Just after the mid-point of the 82-game regular season, the three storied powerhouse squads have only eight regulation losses apiece. Anaheim however, has the best record of all.

With just one loss in their past 18 contests, the Ducks appear all but unbeatable, especially at home where they have not lost in regulation. At this rate, theyll earn home ice advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Ducks are turning heads around the league and they continue to be one of the sports most popular ticket sellers, said Marta Ault. “The New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche are also top ticket sellers.”

Thats why were proud to offer fans the most comprehensive and continuously updated selection of sports tickets online, with a worry-free guarantee to protect their purchase, added Ault.

To access the full line-up of NHL Hockey tickets now available, customers can go to BuyAnySeat.com and click on NHL Hockey in the Sports Header, then select their team and their tickets.

The Chicago Blackhawks sit in the third spot in this weeks power ranking but have suffered of late. After dropping their past seven games, they continue to struggle in overtime and against the power play.

On Tuesday night, they fell again in overtime when Avalanche Defenseman Tyson Barrie scored with less than a minute left. The defending Stanley Cup champs are just 4-11 in overtime games this season, 0-5 in games ending in overtime and a meager 4-6 in shootouts.

The St. Louis Blues have become a championship contender after a slow rebuilding process. The Blues have transformed themselves into one of the leagues best stories in recent years and continue to win games. At the conclusion of the 2006 season, the Blues were sputtering among the leagues laughing stock.

Today they are one of the most feared teams on the ice. As of January 12, the Blues were among the odds on favorites to win the Cup. With 11-2 odds to win it all, they are tied with both the Pittsburgh Penguins and defending champion Chicago Blackhawks, according to Las Vegas sports betting.

Key matchups around the league this week include two tough contests for Anaheim. They travel to the windy city to take on the Blackhawks Friday night before a short plane ride to St. Louis for a showdown against the Blues on Saturday.

The Top Ten Teams in this weeks power rankings are the Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

To shop for NHL Hockey tickets, visit BuyAnySeat.com.

About BuyAnySeat.com: An online ticket marketplace, BuyAnySeat.com connects sports, theater and other live entertainment fans to an extensive network of ticket sellers worldwide. The sites simplified listings and navigational tools enable shoppers to easily locate, compare and purchase inexpensive, discounted or lower-priced tickets to virtually all advertised sports and entertainment events around the globe.

The ticket marketplace, which is PCI-compliant and Norton Secured, also provides customers with a complete Worry-Free Guarantee on all ticket purchases. Based in Denver, Colorado, BuyAnySeat.com is a subsidiary of Denver Media Holdings. For more information, please visit http://buyanyseat.com.

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Housing affordability expanding across the U.S.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

The Federal Savings Bank notes that first-time home buyers can look forward to favorable home prices this spring, as affordability is improving across the nation.

Home price appreciation has been one of the key concerns for new buyers. Many lack the credit history to compete with trade-up buyers, and institutional investors have presented fierce competition with their all-cash purchases. In conjunction with waning inventory that has helped appreciation along, these factors have at times priced first-time home buyers out of the market.

However, low cost mortgage options have been helpful in keeping new buyers afloat, not to mention that most markets across the U.S. are affordable

In the fourth quarter of 2013, American homeowners spent about 15 percent of their monthly income on their mortgage payments, a noticeable decline from 22 percent between 1985 and 2000. During the recession through 2012, the figure dropped to 13 percent. As the economy continues to improve and employment returns to healthy levels, homeowners are able to allocate some of their earnings to their home loan payments while having more left over for other expenses.

Affordability varies across the nation

While home prices are generally favorable, some areas, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, are struggling in terms of affordability. Whether first-time home buyers are searching in one of these pricier markets or shooting for a more cost-effective location, finding a low rate mortgage can help with avoiding sticker shock when buying a home.

Here are a couple steps that help with getting a favorable rate:

Improve credit. Mortgagenewdailys.com shows that the average interest for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 4.48 percent at the close of April 4th. Buyers can increase their chances of receiving a rate below this average by improving their credit rating. Higher credit scores and credit history with fewer blemishes tell lenders that a borrower is trustworthy and likely to pay their loan on time. It is important to pay down balances on existing cards, avoid opening new lines of credit and check the credit report for errors that may negatively affect the score.

Get preapproved. Having a preapproval letter from a lender allows buyers to shop the housing market with a better idea of their actual spending potential. Even in affordable markets, it is important to know how much a lender will finance, as a solid figure makes it easier to narrow home choices and provides a tangible guarantee of funds should a bidding war arise.

Contact the Federal Savings Bank, a veteran owned bank, to learn about first-time home buyer loans that can help with affording a home, even in the priciest of markets.

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The penalties of being a woman at work

The penalties of being a woman at work
While many aspects of working life have changed in recent decades, the inequality of outcomes experienced by male and female employees has been remarkably resistant. Within corporate Australia the proportion of female chief executives in ASX200 …
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E-Mini S&P 500: The bull regains the path higher!
The Ukraine was offered a possible entry into the European Union with little to no cost. Israel had launched a ground attack of Gaza in an attempt to … She spoke to the House Financial Services Committee. It seems that she is learning a softer …
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23.07.2014Not missing in action: the enduring penalty of 'being female'
The upper echelons of many organisations and companies continue to contain a preponderance of men, leading to a stagnation of workplace culture where traditional male breadwinner ideal – someone who can work long hours and will prioritise work over all …
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The Communication Code

The Communication Code
Event on 2014-07-06 08:30:00

Effective Communication = Success

If you can't effectively transfer your thoughts to another person, there is greater chance of failure than success. Learn the skills needed for success in this course valued at ,683.00 by taking advantage of this promotional price of only 8.12.

Here are some scenarios that are attributed to poor communication skills and most believe it's beyond your control.

- You have difficulties dealing with certain personality types

- No one follows your instructions even though you made it clear

- Not taken seriously when giving critical insights to problems

- People misunderstand what you say and get offended

You can learn to be a charismatic communicator. Let's work backwards to see how a charismatic person in created.

Charismatic ->  Elegantly use communication skills -> Practice these skills -> Learn the skills and techniques and how to apply them.

You'll untangle all the variables that affect your communication and how to effectively manage them. This will give you the power to influence how people perceive you.

In this ,682 priced course, you'll get insights to advanced communication techniques that give you the advantage in any dialogue. Techniques that hand you the power to control any conversation and:

- Guide conversations using people's pre-programmed responses

- Leverage the power of indirect dialogue

- Build rapport instantly with any personality type

- Manage the external environment and factors to your advantage

- Gain situational awareness of non-verbal cues and it's importance

- Detect signals given by the other party to their real thoughts

- Avoid common mistakes that break rapport

All of this and more is covered in this complete step-by-step system. By controlling all the variables of communication you increase the edge of turning the tides of success in your favour. Save your spot for this course and book now!

The course runs over 4 weeks giving you time to practice your skills between sessions. Knowing is never enough and we want you to apply the techniques to refine the new skills you learn. Here are the classroom session dates and times.

Session 1: Sunday, 6th July 2014, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Session 2: Sunday, 13th July 2014, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Session 3: Sunday, 20th July 2014, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Session 4: Sunday, 27th July 2014, 8:30am – 4:30pm

For the distance part of the course we'll keep it a surprise but I'll say this. You will be given all the opportunities to improve your skills and this course is bursting with interesting and creative activities.

You'll have practical skills upon completion and be light years ahead in mastering the communication craft and we guarantee it!

You know in any interaction, once tempers flare and arguments arise it's a struggle to drag the conversation back on topic. It's both time consuming and frustrating. The source of the problem stems from a single misinterpretation. You'll learn to detect and respond to these misinterpretations quickly allowing the conversation to flow in it's intended direction.


Grab your ticket to this course which contains:

 1. A complete communication system to give you the competitive edge to succeed

 2. Advanced techniques to guide and manage the human mind

 3. 4 weekly sessions filled with practical activities combined with easy to understand theory

 4. Catch ups between session to keep you on track and apply techniques in your environment.


 The dividends are incredible by mastering the craft of communication. Imagine guiding the behaviours of others and influencing conversations. Explode your circle of influence beyound it's current limits.

You'll have a comprehensive step-by-step system at your disposal to tackle ANY kind of conversation. It is the key to unlocking the secrets of this critical skillset.

Now it's not easy to measure the full gains of mastering this art. Looking at the short term, how much extra money could you earn? Just suppose using this system secures your next job promotion or you build stronger rapport with clients and have more proposals accepted or guide negotiations to give you better results. Also… as a side effect, think about how your intimate relationships would improve? What would that be worth to you? 

Communication is a vital skill that unlocks many doors and opens more opportunities because it's main interaction we have with others. You can expect to learn how to:

- Make your conversations flow fluidly and stay in rapport with others

- Learn power questions to guide the conversation

- Use non-verbal communication with devastating impact and effectiveness

For a promotional price of only 8.12 you get access to learn the complete communication system packed with advanced communication techniques that's worth ,683.

Go ahead and learn incredibles skills to catapult you to the next level of acheivement. Get your tickets now!

In any case, all the best with your next communication engagement.

Best Regards,

Ken Hew

Co-founder – The Communication Code

P.S I mentioned earlier we guarantee your results in applying The Communication Code and it's effective communication tools. We back the system 100% that if you're not satisfied within 30 days of completing the course, we'll gladly refund your money back.

Book now and take your communication to the next level.

at Combined Classroom/Distance

Sydney, Australia

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Design Will Be Central To Microsoft's Future

Design Will Be Central To Microsoft's Future
Even as the company eliminates 18,000 jobs — most of them related to its purchase of Nokia's devices unit — Microsoft is empowering people like Belfiore and Groene to challenge conventional notions of what Windows devices can do. Microsoft's new …
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The unbelievable life and death of Michael C. Ruppert
Ruppert broke off the relationship and returned home. When he shared what he'd discovered with LAPD … He told friends that he held a number of disparate jobs: as an amplifier assemblyman, a UPS driver, a gun shop clerk, a manager for a private …
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Design becoming central to Microsoft's future
REDMOND, WASHINGTON: Before Ralf Groene helped devise the look and feel of Microsoft's Surface tablet, he designed food — or "food concepts," he says, for people on the go. Among them: dried noodles that come wrapped around a pair of chopsticks; …
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Start Your Home Business for under $200 in London and UK Region

Start Your Home Business for under 0 in London and UK Region
Event on 2014-07-28 19:00:00

Coming to London!

During this 100% free workshop and value packed presentation you’ll rub shoulders and get advice from a local, self-made entrepreneur who stopped living pay cheque to pay cheque, gave up her demanding sales job and found a way to start creating a six figure income with a simple system which easily combines both online and offline marketing…..

You’ll also get to hear from one of my mentors who has already, with this simple system created 13 millionaires last year and has a vision to create another 100 in 2015.

You’ll see the proof and recognise the stories and you’ll get first class training with the nuts and bolts to create uncapped earnings, but more importantly show you a simple system to start earning within the first 30 days



Last year, I was a struggling burnt out Corporate Sales professional, who was sick of working ridiculously long hours, was tired of the long daily commute and making money for other people….to literally turning it around by working from for herself, eventually giving up my full time job, started paying off the built up debt, travelling to events around the world and having the freedom to do what I want.


I had hit a wall, where after working continuously in such high powered sales jobs, I wanted my life back, I was getting sick of being told I was too confident and holding myself back to make others feel good about themselves. What I finally realised was that the reason I was becoming unemployable and not thriving in a JOB environment anymore was that I was now an entrepreneur at heart. 


If someone like me, with zero online marketing experience, no large funds to play with can do it, then anyone can do it.  It just takes a bit of extra Desire.


I will show you the simple steps involved in building a successful home based business. Whilst so many people turn to the internet to make money online, you’ll meet the two percent of people who actually succeed because they know where to look, how to learn and the supreme importance of mindset….also the commission structure is very inspiring


Get ready to have the most powerful hour of pure inspiration and tools to equip you with the success you want.   You’ll realise that the biggest challenge you’re facing is not a lack of money, time or skills but a lack of self-belief and a supportive community.


This event will stretch your imagination of what is truly possible.


Whether you are in debt, tired of your job and living pay cheque to pay cheque, unable to provide for your family or simply want more time for holidays, more time with the family and more freedom of choice, then this training is for you!


Requirements: No prior experience, no selling skills, no technical skills, no cold calling.


All that is required of you is a great attitude, a strong yearning to learn and a total determination for getting out of your situation or creating a life that you truly deserve.

The willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed


So why are we doing this now?


Right now a whole new phase of leadership is being created around the world. We are looking for people who will run with us in the next 90 days to be included into our 10k per month Elite Inner Circle team in London and UK region. 

Upon attending the event, you will be asked to fill in an application form to see if you qualify for our Elite Inner Circle.

If you have any questions, look at the contact link on this page. And keep an eye out for important emails as the event draws near.


So what’s the CATCH?  TIME! You can’t get it back.  Life is passing you by.

However if you think you have what it takes you owe it to yourself and your family to be at this training session.  Bring a guest or two with you, but act fast and secure your 100% free ticket now.



Like Richard Branson says:

"If you spot and sense an opportunity is coming your way and you are excited about it, throw yourself into it with everything you've got"

I did and I am thankful I have acted upon it.

What about YOU?


You must have a free ticket to attend this workshop so make sure you register NOW! 

Make it a great day!

at Regal Room
Upstairs and The Distillers Pub 64 Fulham Palace Rd,
Hammersmith, United Kingdom

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Work From home – Email Processing System for cash review posting ads

Get Paid To Process Emails Click Here Now http://www.cashpaid247.com My Email Processing Paypal PROOF: http://goo.gl/3t3wzD [As Of 3.28.2014] Get Paid To Pos…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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Genuine Work From Home Jobs – Make $1000+ A Day!

Go here for my no.1 recommendation: http://msukfx.com/go/recommends Looking for genuine work from home jobs? I was too a few months back but then I came acro…

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