Working From Home…With Distractions

Working From Home…With Distractions
In one of my recent articles, a couple of readers commented that parents could not (or should not) work from home while they had children at home to care for. According to a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, I found that adults who lived in a …
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Newschannel 3 continues digging into reports of felons working at home health
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – In May, the Newschannel 3 I-Team broke some disturbing news about the hiring practices of a local home healthcare company, specifically that a felon convicted of several serious crimes was employed by the …
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Working from Home: 5 Tips From a Writer Who Does It
The thought of working from home is a dream scenario for many workers. No dress code, no commute, no annoying cube mates — what could be better? While it certainly has many advantages, working from the comfort of your home does have its drawbacks.
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Children's Learning Adventure broadens Keller kids' horizons

Children's Learning Adventure broadens Keller kids' horizons
Some of the classrooms resemble “mini-towns,” where children learn by drawing from work, culture and travel experiences. When tots travel to Imagination Island, they play in a … “So far, he's made oatmeal cookies, pumpkin scones, and a fruit salad …
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Cereal sales go stale, hurting breakfast companies' bottom lines
More people are stocking their fridges and cupboards with protein-packed Greek yogurt, eggs and fibre-heavy oatmeal. … As people work longer hours and more women choose not to stay at home, the sit-down breakfast is increasingly a vision of the past.

Photos of Stillborn Baby Comfort Parents, Touch Facebook Users
“She told me that earlier that morning she was eating breakfast, oatmeal actually. She had a cup of coffee and was proceeding with her usual routine. Her husband had already left for work and she was just at home relaxing with her son and niece,” she …
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Pregnant mother-of-two faces deportation despite having a BRITISH husband

Pregnant mother-of-two faces deportation despite having a BRITISH husband
A judge said the family could stay at home in the UK, where Mr Tate has spent all his life – but the Home Office are seeking to overturn the ruling. The fight comes as thousands of foreign criminals remain in the UK using human rights laws and the Home …

The little-known FRED charts that reveal the state of the US economy
“There's usually a pretty predictable pattern during recoveries: As unemployment falls, more people outside the labor force start getting jobs. Some of them are students. And some of them are stay-at-home parents who want to start working outside the …
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12000 evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosions
With clean-up work underway, investigators were turning to the task of determining the cause of the blasts, the industrial city's worst such disaster in 16 years. Most of the four … "Last night around midnight, the house started shaking and I thought …
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209000 jobs added in July, unemployment at 6.2 percent

209000 jobs added in July, unemployment at 6.2 percent
Employment gains cooled at retailers, business services and education and health services. The agency's survey of households, used to derive … The slowdown in hiring was broad-based in that category. At the same time, goods producers took on workers …
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Seminar series offers guidance for new business owners
During the hour-and-a- half session, potential business owners will have the chance to meet Windham Community Development Director Laura Scott, Fire Inspector Bill Martineau, Building Inspector Mike McGuire and Zoning Board Code Enforcement Officer …

Green BEAN Delivery plans .8M expansion
Green BEAN, which was founded in 2007, is expanding at a time the online grocery-delivery business is becoming more competitive. In June, Chicago-based Peapod Inc. said it plans to open a 50,000-square-foot distribution center in Indianapolis that will …
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SCAM ALERT: Work From Home Scam

SCAM ALERT: Work From Home Scam
It is summertime so a little extra cash flow would be nice. But beware of a new scam that promises you easy money. It turns out you may be helping these folks shuttle illegal goods around. The Better Business Bureau is extending this warning for any …
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Work begins on nursing home in Roanoke County
Construction began this month on a new nursing home and rehabilitation center in Southwest Roanoke County. The 120-bed facility on Starkey Road will be built and operated by Friendship Retirement Community and is part of a plan to shift some of the …
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When Work Becomes A Haven From Stress At Home
In the land that came up with the phrase "Thank God it's Friday," and a restaurant chain to capitalize on the sense of relief many feel as the work week ends, researchers made an unusual finding in 2012. Moms who worked full time reported significantly …
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Stay at Home Mom Jobs – Make $748 / day Online !!!!!

Visit – to get started with your Stay at Home mom job Is Working From Home Really Possible For Everyone? Yes it Is! If you’re a Stay At …
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New Website Targets Business Opportunities Abroad

Panama City, Panama (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

A common stumbling block preventing many from taking the much needed leap overseas stems from worries over earning sufficient income. For the ever-increasing demographic of globetrotting expatriates, its no secret that the business and workplace spheres are no longer restricted by country or region. For most, the problem lies in where those international businesses and opportunities can be found.

Overseas Ventures is a recently launched website developed to simplify that process. Designed as a one-stop resource and business-for-sale directory, it is specifically geared toward those looking to buy businesses overseas. Whether you are seeking a boutique hotel in the Caribbean, a tiki bar on the beach in Belize, or an investment opportunity in the burgeoning Central and South American economies, Overseas Ventures promises to have what youre looking for.

The founders and management team of Overseas Ventures are heavily involved in global entrepreneurialism and expatriation themselves. This gives them an edge in knowing what those looking to purchase businesses abroad require, and was integral in designing the websites easy-to-use online platform. With radio-style interviews speaking with real business owners and experts abroad, exhaustive information about the operations of each business it lists, and a country-specific approach to presentation, Overseas Ventures targets a new and growing niche of location-independent buyers and sellers.

Ive always been interested in moving out of the United States, and its incredibly hard to find accurate information about what business opportunities exist in foreign countries, said OV co-founder and US citizen David Gregerson. Though there are lots of business-for-sale directories out there, nothing really spoke to the expats and globally-minded entrepreneurs looking for that overseas adventure.

We also spoke with the Managing Director of Overseas Ventures, Corey Coates, about the development of the website and its focus on an expanding and exciting market.

With an upcoming wave of young families moving abroad, cubicle junkies tiring of the commute, and people simply looking for a happier, healthier lifestyle, Overseas Ventures fills a big gap in the current resources available online, Coates said in a phone interview. Ive been living abroad for over seven years now, and Ive seen an exponential increase in younger expats opening or buying businesses in emerging markets. When I was approached by Overseas Ventures, everything about their vision for the website got me very excited it just makes good sense to aggregate these businesses in one place.

Though many similar websites do feature classified ads and business sections, none have taken the next step of concerting efforts on connecting businesses for sale abroad with potential buyers.

Thousands of people are ready to make the leap. Some are looking to apply their current skills or, in some cases, develop new ones in lifestyle destinations that offer broader opportunities more suited to their personal and professional goals, Coates affirmed. Its time to give dreamers an actual pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Overseas Ventures recently launched carrying listings in North, Central, and South America (including the Caribbean). With further rollout in Europe and Asia expected later this year, the company is positioning itself to be the first stop on a journey to make your dream of living and working abroad a reality.

For more information, to join the affiliate program, or to have your business for sale listed, simply visit

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how to work from home – how to succeed at work from home jobs

How to Work From Home Successfully – 3 Simple Strategies For Home Based Riches …
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Readers weigh in on Obama visit, wages, airports and more

Readers weigh in on Obama visit, wages, airports and more
Corporations are interested only in returning value to shareholders, and if this can be done better by exporting jobs overseas, then so be it. So much for … The piece I heard was about a Danish ship at a dock in Syria, loading up weapons of mass …
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Talking blues with Guy Forsyth
The music of Forsyth and his four-piece band transcends a narrow definition of blues music and fits better into the category of Americana. "We're all … Forsyth, a founder and former member of the equally eclectic Americana unit the Asylum Street …

Bold, bright pieces are artist's signature
She's not ashamed to admit she loves the fantastical nature in many of her pieces, Higginbotham said recently as she packed away her debut exhibit at Coffee Perk downtown. “It grabs your eye a little more.” Her work will be on exhibit Aug. 1-31 at …
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Laptop Ergonomics – Basic Tips – Adult or Child Laptop Use at Home, Work or School

Laptop Ergonomics - Basic Tips - Adult or Child Laptop Use at Home, Work or School

Ergonomic use of Laptop or Computer devices for recreation or work at home, office or school can bring you great benefits, including your children or kids, i…

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